Single Drum Spill Pallet DP001

  • Model: DP001
  • Product Description: Single Drum Spill Pallet
  • Approval: CE
  • Product Dimension: 150 x 675 x 675mm
  • Sump Capacity: 43 Liter
  • Static Load: 400 Kg

This pallet has the characteristics of the sturdy structure, forklift operation, non-slip, and suitability. When leakage or spillage occurs during dispensing, all the leaked liquid will automatically flow into the tray or the platform along with the tray or the platform grid. In the leakage area of the platform (leakage storage tank), it will not flow to the ground, corridors or passages, polluting the on-site environment, causing occupational accidents such as wrestling and falling, and also preventing soil and water pollution. There is no need to worry about accidental splashing and leakage that may occur during the packaging or storage of hazardous chemicals.


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